an introduction:

  • The Center offers 32 services dealing with treatment financing services through the World Bank only, and no premium transactions are made with the Center directly
  • The World Bank treats dental treatments in cooperation with 32 dental clinics without interest according to the price list approved by the health licenses and approved by the bank.
  • Funding for treatments from the World Bank is subject to the central bank’s borrowing controls
  • The client can submit the transaction at one of 32 branches without going to the bank, until the initial approval is issued

Minimum and highest threshold for premium treatment

    • The minimum total number of treatments or treatments worth 1,000 dinars
  • The upper limit is the total number of treatments or treatments worth 15,000 dinars

Duration of installment and method of collection from the customer

  • From 12 months to 3 years, 36 months, and collection will be by bank deduction only

Who can benefit from the premiums?

  • Kuwaiti employee.
  • Resident employee, provided that his salary is not less than 250 dinars and he has an end-of-service guarantee from the company he works for.
  • Affairs aid transactions, insurance pensions, or student benefits are not accepted.

The papers required to submit the transaction

  • For a Kuwaiti citizen (salary certificate from the employer, the event is valid – a copy of the civil ID – a bank statement of the last 3 months).
  • The resident has the same requests as above, in addition to passport copies, data page, validity and residency + approval of signature + work permit.
  • Patient signing Cinet Kuwait “Credit Information Network” statement.

The date of notifying the client of approval

  • After 5 days to 10 working days from the date of submitting the transaction

The stages of executing the transaction

  • The patient must come to the doctor to diagnose the case and write the entire treatment plan
  • The patient may need to be diagnosed by more than one doctor depending on the case, and the final diagnosis must be completed in order for us to set the price correctly
  • The transaction is accepted for submission to the bank only when the aforementioned documents are presented in full, and the signature of the specified forms
  • After obtaining approval, the client is notified to go to the World Bank branch to sign the transaction
  • The customer starts the treatment only after receiving the check from the bank about the value of the treatment, and we cannot start the treatment without receiving the full amount from the bank
  • After completing the treatment, the patient signs a clearance paper that he has received all of his treatments and delivered to the clinic.

The person responsible for the installment transactions can be referred to for any inquiries

  • In the branch of the people, Mr. / Mohamed Hassanein
  • In Mangaf branch, Sister / Zina

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